• Power-up With C

Pro-Vitamin C

Vitamins for the skin are essential and this product is suitable for majority of skin type. If you have skin that is dry, combination, mature, pre-mature, wrinkled, unevenly toned, pre/post natal/menopause, this can improve your condition!

Benefits of Pro-Vitamin C include:

  • Prevent premature aging with antioxidants
  • The stimulation of the skin’s own collagen production

This unique formula synergizes 3 types of Vitamin C, whose water-soluble and oil-soluble forms results in a stable, continual release to the skin. This C Power prompts the renewal and rebuilding of collagen, rejuvenates skin back to youth, while fighting free radicals and oxidation culprits. Also fortified with antioxidant vitamins A & E, Pro-Vitamin C’s effects are concentrated, and long lasting. It will leave you with skin that’s firm, smooth, and supple. Turn back the clock today!

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