• Pampering Your Pores

Derma Clarifying Tri Clear

Acne, very oily skin, pimpled, congested, teenage/early-puberty. Do you belong to any of these groups? The problem probably lies with one or more of these factors: hormonal imbalance, puberty stages, a fast-paced lifestyle, stress, earing habits, and a poor lymphatic system.

Benefits of Derma Clarifying Tri Clear include:

  • Effectively eliminates impurities, and their reformation is combated
  • Excellent anti-inflammatory as acne prone redness is alleviated
  • Skin clarified with maximum hydration

Inflamed skin, acne and pimple problems, are caused by many contributing elements. Boasting the healing properties of 14 plant extracts, and natural, anti-bacterial of bee’s Propolis, Derma Clarifying Tri Clear is 3X more effective than regular acne treatment. It also restores skin with its active ingredients, via biotechnology, an advanced formulation that clarifies skin without harsh and drying chemicals.

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