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Celsoft Skin’s First Aid

Factors that affect our skin could be genetically inherited, due to environment, or lifestyle. And these are not exclusive to each other. Fret not, Celsoft Skin’s First Aid can aid in reducing undesirable effects. It is suitable for sensitive skin, skin prone to redness and acne, couperose, and rosacea skin.

Benefits of Celsoft Skin’s First Aid include:

  • Lessen sensitive reactions
  • Relieve red, agitated skin
  • Support healing process
  • Prevent skin damage
  • Increase natural resistance
  • Reenergize skin from within
  • Avert premature skin aging
  • Repair skin malfunction
  • Restore protective mechanism
  • Re-hydrate dry, sensitive skin

Designed to get at the root of the problem, Celsoft solves all skin irritations quickly, gently and effectively. It also repairs skin damages by speeding healing processes, increasing skin’s tolerance threshold, and strengthening its immune system. Renowned for its resilience and soothing anti-inflammatory properties, Enteromorpha Compressa seaweed and Sandy Immortelle flower, reactivates skin to be supple, and regenerates collagen production!

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