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Cellift Active

Targeted at a more matured crowd, Cellift Active is suitable for aging skin, with deep wrinkles, expression lines, and sagging loose skin. If you have skin that lacks a youthful, healthy bounce when touched, it may be loosing elasticity. This product can help you!

Benefits of Cellift Active include:

  • A high performance anti-wrinkles treatment that promotes lifting
  • Face contours are considerably strengthened and modeled
  • Skin aging is delayed and a youthful appearance has regained
  • Visible improvement on 50% of users after a 30-day application, and more than 80% of users after a 60-day application

Atop its effects in facial lifting and anti-wrinkles effect, due to its Myorelaxy-P content, Cellift Active is able to modulate nervous transmissions, so that muscular contractions decrease. Due to this deconstruction of muscles, the treated area’s expression wrinkles will experience a flattened surface.

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