• Reprogramming Skin’s Youthfulness

Celcode Placenta

Celcode Placenta is suitable for dry, dehydrated, oily/combination, pre-aging, scarred and open-pored skin. It is targeted at smokers, drinkers, and individuals, who face high-stress levels, lack of proper skincare, and long hours in air-condition.

Benefits of Celcode Placenta include:

  • Energizing devitalized cells back to its youth, vigor and strength
  • Promoting tissue growth and renewal
  • Boosting immunity against ultraviolet light damage and pollution
  • Diminishing micro-lines
  • Increasing stretch-resistance
  • Instant pore refining

Placenta, with nourishments vital to regeneration, is in high-demand as an anti-aging solution. Delivering skin’s rebirth using Nanotechnology, Celcode Placenta is packed with nourishing growth proteins, life-giving enzymes, Hydrolyzed Milk Protein, Collagen, and Amniotic Fluid. This firming treat penetrates deep in the skin to encode total regeneration at cellular level.

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