• Who knew colored lights have so many benefits, this works like a miraculous rainbow…

LED Therapy

Complete photo-rejuvenation procedure that combines the effect of light energy. Four specific wavelength of light penetrate skin for targeted treatment.

  • Blue light: Improves acne-prone skin and purifying and anti-bacteria properties.
  • Green light: reduce pigmentation by penetrating into basal layer of skin.
  • Yellow light: Supply energy for skin cell, promote gland effect, assist digestion, cure skin disease and enhance immunity ability.
  • Red light: Whitening and lighten spot, tendering skin and dispel crinkles, repair damaged skin, heal slender wrinkles, tighten pore and proliferate collagen protein.
  • Purple light: Treating and repairing acne and acne-scars.
  • Orange light: Increase cells energy in proper sequence, it can accelerate metabolism effectively.
  • Laser light: Penetrate deep layer of skin, accelerate active tissue’s metabolism, decompose splash, improves fine lines and flabby skin.
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